A Wood and a Rose
Issey Miyake
Paris, London, Syracuse, Barcelona 2019
We worked with organic materials to give then a distinctive voice inside designers universe. Objects are turning into sounds by a simple act of human touch. A still installation becomes an interactive musical interface.
Playtronica is dedicated to create interactive musical experiences, deliver impactful moments that go beyond expectations. This time we collaborated with Issey Miyake Perfumes. The language of Playtronica is inspired by Synesthesia, an unusual experience in which the perception of reality causes other sensations. In this situation a person can hear a sound by watching a color, touching water or wood. Issey Miyake world is very pure minimalistic and organic. Based on that we created a narrative audio path according to his world. We started from water drop sounds that evolve through the touch of flowers, wood, lemons bringing all the essences composing the perfume to life.